The 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S 992 Is the Newest Ultra 911
Doug DeMuro
The 2021 Porsche 911 Turbo S (992) is the ultimate 911 -- and today I'm reviewing the new 992 Turbo to show you what I mean. First I'm going to take you on a thorough tour of the 992 Turbo S -- then I'm going to drive the 911 Turbo S and I'll show you what it's like on the road.
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    greetings from TEKNIK KAWAN KITA camshaft adjuster

  • Bernie BillTom
    Bernie BillTom

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="812">13:32</a> are they Doug? 🤭

  • Nature Portal
    Nature Portal


  • Matt

    First question: why even have backseats? Second question: if you rollover with backseat passengers won't the explosive roll bars explode through the backseat passengers' heads?

  • Jeffery Henry
    Jeffery Henry

    diamond button is aweeesomm!!!

  • Jeffery Henry
    Jeffery Henry

    That passenger cup holder is so coool!!!

  • Jeffery Henry
    Jeffery Henry

    That wind deflector is fucking awesome!!!

  • Jeffery Henry
    Jeffery Henry

    Those doors/handles are fucking cooooooool...

  • Wisdonair

    Even tho ppl make fun of him, Doug has always come thru with the right info on any car. Your car reviews help more than you think! Keep grinding 🔥

  • SocraticMind89

    The wheels are wack, good lord they Generally hammer the Turbos wheels but what the hell happened this year?

  • Hayden Morris
    Hayden Morris

    It’s too fucking big bro

  • Nicholas Sheena
    Nicholas Sheena

    Bro you make me want one at age 13

  • harry reid
    harry reid

    what an irritating woke pajama boy wimp.

  • Petko Krushev
    Petko Krushev

    After the beautiful 991, this looks already outdated

  • Billy File
    Billy File

    Can't they get rid of backseats in 911's and in place put a Mid Engine where the backseats were?? 👍🤑🤯

  • Billy File
    Billy File

    I can't believe the city of Montpelier, Vermont passed a law. That rates the severity of Sex Offenders by giving them a "Doug Score"

  • Billy File
    Billy File

    HEY DOUG!! I've got a great side business idea for you. You go to major cities, and bang all the hookers in the classified ads, Then afterwards u give each hooker a "Doug Score" Brilliant, right?🤫

  • Billy File
    Billy File

    Hello Doug!! Any chance you could stop by the house, and give my wife a real good pounding. Afterward I was hoping u could give her a "Doug Score". Thank you bud. Much appreciated. 😉🤫

  • Jimbojet

    Thus guy just vomits white noise!

  • FamilyWinn

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="1338">22:18</a> reason #9 for $220,000 you just got overtaken by a $1500 family wagon.

  • Dreamcatcher_11_

    Overpriced scam! For that money you can get a better looking 2020 mid engine 500hp Corvette and a brand new house and you still might have some money left for a boat and a 6months vacation!

  • Davor Juric
    Davor Juric

    not being able to see the engine is a travesty

  • HiddenWen

    Pros: Car Cons: $$$$$$$$$

  • Ryan Carter
    Ryan Carter

    Man I was trying to find a way to like Doug and this review ruined it for me. I hate to judge the guy too much but he is a turd. Obviously he is not a Porsche guy and worked hard to restrain his true feelings about the car and thus settling for some weak scores when you know he knew it was worth a strong rating.

  • Chuck Kerber
    Chuck Kerber

    Thank you for pronouncing Porsche correctly!

  • Christopher Yates
    Christopher Yates

    Doug: The Turbo is the best 911! I don't like GT cars, they're uncomfortable! Also Doug: Ranks the GT2 RS higher on his own grading scale.

  • 109268

    I'm sorry but that thing ugly. The back of the car looks like a melted new beetle with a glued on spoiler and the exhaust vents from my 2002 pc.

  • Charles Wofford
    Charles Wofford

    I would love to lease it if I could afford it, which I know I can't..

  • polygamous1 Sozou
    polygamous1 Sozou

    And the Best reason not to buy one? SNOB VALUE why buy this after all its "only" a PORSCHE, on the road as fast as ANY, well build but hey my Bugatti is theoretically much faster on the circuit n my Bugatti cost $2+ millions u can't effort mine But i can effort yours with my lose change

  • oscardriver

    "Still 911" .. "7" .. whoaaaa someone was feeling salty ..

  • RC LEG
    RC LEG

    those 21 inch rims and tyres make so much road noise in the cabin you should just choose the gt3, its no longer tolerable as a GT

  • Bhola Biswas
    Bhola Biswas


  • RaceFilter

    thats why you pull up the seat

  • RichardBodeker

    I would much rather have a 70’s or 80’s targa with engine access and the value go up instead of down! This is just too complicated and expensive for no reason !!! But hey I’m 53 years old and enjoy driving older cars !!!

  • J

    I think this car would be significantly more desirable if they come up with a word other than "turbo" for the huge price gap. (i.e. performante is much better)

  • Shubham Yadav
    Shubham Yadav

    I have hardly seen him giving a negative review for driving experience other areas companies may make some comprises but when comes to driving experience they put all inn

  • Alireza Sahafi
    Alireza Sahafi

    Imagine forgetting to lock the car's door

  • Atago

    doesn't even look like 911 anymore :( like they did a Lotus/Porsche hybrid

  • Adam Muhammad Nadzir
    Adam Muhammad Nadzir

    Why is there a German license plate at the front? Was it imported from Germany?

  • alex turnqest
    alex turnqest

    Give me a gt3 with a manual. Or if I really wanna DD supercar I'd just buy a mclaren gt, or an Aston Martin. Maybe even a used f12 berlinetta?

  • Powerpickle68

    Too much money. Much rather have the C8

  • rayzerpXRP

    imagine saying, "im Only getting a Porsche."

  • Ed venuto
    Ed venuto

    Best sport car ever

  • Rayanne Lingham
    Rayanne Lingham

    Everything is the same to the 911 except the spoiler

  • Fred Denstman
    Fred Denstman

    For selfindulgent guys with microgenitalia. Just my opinion

  • Cary Coller
    Cary Coller

    Why do door handles need to be high tech? That's what we call fixing something that wasn't broken.

  • Wade Guidry
    Wade Guidry

    260k and no engine access? No way.

  • Asier Quinones
    Asier Quinones


  • Carl Curtice
    Carl Curtice

    A quarter of a million dollars for the car and nobody thought to vacuum before the video shoot?

  • Jonathan Arnold
    Jonathan Arnold

    Some of his scores are horrendous and make ZERO sense. He’s trying to be an ultra tough critic and make a statement with certain low scores where instead made him look hypocritical.

  • Jonathan Arnold
    Jonathan Arnold

    Gd I love the latest front bumper.

  • Zhen Bond Law
    Zhen Bond Law

    So nobody's gonna say that the final Doug score of this car is NICEEEE

  • john last
    john last


  • al Im
    al Im

    All i see is getting fatter 😄

  • Giuseppe Camarda
    Giuseppe Camarda

    It is Porsche, not Porsha

  • Luke Iceton
    Luke Iceton

    "After You", says Doug in any supermarket line.......

  • Concerned Citizen
    Concerned Citizen

    I'm not buying it until it has a disco-light option..

  • Dev MacZ
    Dev MacZ

    Hi Doug, is the extra money to get the speedster rather then the 911 turbo s worth it? I know the exclusivity is to be considered for the speedster, but just comparing car to car.

  • Konrad Paczek
    Konrad Paczek

    It’s not like Doug needs the wind deflecter

  • Desirable Jodie
    Desirable Jodie

    The 1985 911 door handles would look great on this model.

  • Desirable Jodie
    Desirable Jodie

    Yes. I like it. The ultimate car for looking great in a fatal crash.

  • T Gal
    T Gal

    I'm surprised you didnt mention how the P O R S C H E letters in the back are not simply sticked on the body but have have individual 3D depth. It looks very cool!!

  • Kapi4555

    69 out of 100, oh who knew!

  • Big Deen
    Big Deen

    please review mondi's twin turbo 911 gt3rs

  • 9999

    It's not PorschA it is PorschE :D

  • Bader Jedawi
    Bader Jedawi

    Great review Doug!! 👍 What's your most favorite car though? 🤔

  • 0333DOCTOR

    I hate the way he says theeeeessss is the 🗣 .. !!!spiting all over the car !!!

  • hd31

    I don’t understand why anyone would buy the turbo s. The carrera s has a top speed of 201 mph why would you ever want to go faster than that on a road or race track. And it’s 20 grand cheaper

  • Addy Lim
    Addy Lim

    Why driving always show your face?

  • zerocapacitance1

    Best auto review show.

  • jalfredzamora

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="208">3:28</a> really?

  • robert berndt
    robert berndt

    Doug always looks like he just woke up, walked to a dealer and asked if he could do a car review.

  • MS Y
    MS Y

    I heared 992 nothing have popcorn sound anymore. Turbo s model have??

  • joe gonzagaz
    joe gonzagaz

    The reason I like Motor Week automotive reviews, is that they discuss the car while showing the car, not just showing their face while talking about the car. These reviews are more about just showing their face and drumming on, show the car a lot more!

  • fastlonnie1

    I love that CLOCK , that's classy...


    He reviews a left hand drive car. But gets driven in a right hand drive. So he didn’t even drive the car !!!!!

  • Colby Thomas
    Colby Thomas

    I’m confused, didn’t Doug give dodge like, a 5-6 minute long rant, talking about how the door handles are ones you pull up from the bottom, and giving them shit for it? Just like the ones on this 911? But with an electronic mechanism that’ll break, obviously, because it’s German and needs to be complicated.

  • Timapple

    Since all current 911s have turbos, shouldn't they call this the Turbo Turbo?

  • Rajeh Safar
    Rajeh Safar

    “Ttthissss” is my dream car!

  • Yuva Silvanathan
    Yuva Silvanathan

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="845">14:05</a> perfect for a highway merge? Which highway, the Autobahn?