Lamb of God - Memento Mori (Official Video)
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Director: Tom Flynn & Mike Watts
Producer: Jay Tavernese
Production Co: VuDu Studios Inc.
By the darkest river, beneath the leafless trees
I think I’m drowning, this dream is killing me
In the coldest winter, between the fading lights
I feel I’m falling into a frozen sky
Past the blackest heaven, above the dying stars
I watch me breaking into a million shards
But through the hardest hour, below the cruelest sign
I know I’m waking up from this wretched lie
Wake up.
A depression fed by overload
False perceptions, the weight of the world
A universe in the palm of your hand
The artifice of endless strands.
Distraction flows down an obsessive stream
Rejection grows into oppressive screams.
The hardest hour, the cruelest sign
I’m waking up from this wretched lie
I fight it the same, don’t waste this day
Wake up, wake up, wake up
Memento mori.
The regression of advancing modes
And Imperial corrosive nodes
A prime directive to disconnect
Reclaim yourself and resurrect.
Distraction flows down an obsessive stream
Rejection grows into oppressive screams.
The hardest hour, the cruelest sign
I’m waking up from this wretched lie
I fight it the same, don’t waste this day
Wake up, wake up, wake up memento mori.
There’s too many choices
And I hear their relentless voices
But you’ve gotta run them out
Return to now and shut it down.
A depression fed by overload
False perceptions, the weight of the world
Because there’s too many choices
Gotta kill their relentless voices.
Wake up.
(C) 2020 Epic Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

  • Brendo Scarborough
    Brendo Scarborough

    It's just beautiful.

  • Frddy albert Nongneng
    Frddy albert Nongneng

    This is the lamb of God I've been listening since I was 5 waaaw this is sooo fucking amazing 🤘🤘🤘

  • Andrew Guimond
    Andrew Guimond

    When I find my depression is fluctuating & kicking my ass, I remind myself that Lamb of God exists \m/

  • GS TS
    GS TS

    The best heavy metal song in 2020 😳

  • Turner Witt
    Turner Witt

    Lit mobile can lick my mastodon

  • sean hantz
    sean hantz

    My nana will love this

  • Octo Billy
    Octo Billy

    I''m always gonna enjoy me some Lamb of God. Great song...but things are getting a bit generic. Would love to hear some old school style songs.

  • Diamond Deuce
    Diamond Deuce

    Sucks that you folks that have tickets for summer leg of the tour have to wait until next year, but that lineup is worth the wait. Really hoping some fool sells me their tickets. I wanna see Megadeth a 3rd and LOG a 6th. Not to mention I've never seen In Flames. Trivium would be 4th time.

  • Joe Mit
    Joe Mit

    Yesterday I listened to a whole bunch of Pink Floyd. Today I've spent several hours listening to lamb of god. i dont discriminate against any rock genres. they all beat the trending shit you hear on the radios.

  • Evangelos Buay
    Evangelos Buay

    It's time to download

  • Coty Carter
    Coty Carter

    Did anyone else think of Mobile Suit Gundam??

  • Ali Genoglu
    Ali Genoglu

    Fani olduğunu unutma

  • Kylaá Aum
    Kylaá Aum

    wtfffff this is SICK!! 😭🔥🔥

  • CrippleX89

    Something about the intro, especially the vocals, really remind me of Sisters of Mercy - No Time to Cry

  • 10 Deus
    10 Deus

    Really miss Chris Adler,.but this guy is the beast himself

  • Jaime hesser
    Jaime hesser


  • Gerald Likens
    Gerald Likens

    I absolutely love these boys. The all around talent is rival to even that of the great Pantera. Disgusting great skills and art cruz made a fucking hell of an entrance to the hail storm of sweet beautiful fucking metal this band has sweetened the world with. Please please never stop LOG you are truly a treasure!

  • AliceInPantera

    Pantera died on the battlefield, and as they were going down, threw the Metal Flag to these bad motherfuckers. I hear their influence shining through at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="241">4:01</a> and couldn’t be happier 🤘

  • Ben Filley
    Ben Filley

    Happy brain chemicals, activate!

  • Nine Worlds
    Nine Worlds

    man, they got ghostwriters

  • Kaganol235 678
    Kaganol235 678

    This is like Lamb of God's version of Solway Firth and it's brutally beautiful

  • SHIEF Band
    SHIEF Band

    ada orang indonesia yang mendengar lagu ini?

    • Sandy Hidayat
      Sandy Hidayat

      a d a

  • cony keahnzo
    cony keahnzo

    God dam this is a bad ass fuckin song

  • still deth
    still deth

    Thats Is the real lamb of god 😎🤘

  • Eren Öztürk
    Eren Öztürk

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="97">1:37</a> Speed:0,25 😳😳😳

  • martin čeloud
    martin čeloud

    i love this song. This is ULTRAMEGAFU.KING-NáŘEZ.. díky mooooc..

  • Jared Brown
    Jared Brown

    Am I the only one who noticed that the beginning of the video before the drums start it's filmed in a tattoo shop, plus imo the one who scratches dudes face should be one of the villains in Dead By Daylight

  • Wouter Schreuder
    Wouter Schreuder

    I can't not headbang when i listen to Lamb of God and they did a great job with this song.. Fucking love it guys

  • Johnny Blazes
    Johnny Blazes

    Hell yeah 🤘

  • DarkMetalGemini

    Name of the Track has been my insta name for the Longest now Thanks for the Shout out Lamb If God 🤟

  • Brian Mann
    Brian Mann

    👍🏻👍🏻 nuff said

  • Patrick Biles
    Patrick Biles

    Good video but it’s obvious that Mark Morton has given up on innovating any further. Boring metal

    • Jaron Talotta
      Jaron Talotta

      I would like more djent


    Ya know what we should do with this lock down? "SHUT IT DOWN"!!!!


    The good stuff starts at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="97">1:37</a>.

  • Stanislav Nikolaev
    Stanislav Nikolaev

    This is legit

  • David Oliver
    David Oliver

    Remember your death

  • Shane Smith
    Shane Smith

    I like Gemini Syndromes - momento mori... i can hear the words... plus more groovy beat

  • Agus Ae
    Agus Ae

    thanks for you!!!!!!

  • Trcktrst


  • Corey Webster
    Corey Webster

    Unus annus...

  • Vidya Gamin' & Pants Stainin'
    Vidya Gamin' & Pants Stainin'

    This new trailer for Dead by Daylight is pretty dope.

    • Jared Brown
      Jared Brown


  • David Freed
    David Freed

    So bummed they postponed this tour I seen them the first time with slayers last tour and was a fan for years even tho slayer rocked lamb of god tore Pittsburgh apart 🤘🤘🖕🖕

  • Moeba Pop
    Moeba Pop

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="76">1:16</a> Pika pikaaaaaa~

  • Ryan 88
    Ryan 88

    I read the comments and ppl still dont get it. Like wtf. He just told you its all a lie. Wake the f up!!!. Virus is fake this world is a lie. 10/10/2020 is the storm Jfk 11/22 Apollo 11 spent 22hrs on moon. The code 1122 is 10/10/2020 It all points to October 10 and 11th My avatar is the storm. Kansas point of "know" return. Released 10/11. Fred Trump b day is 10/11. Alien ufo invasion is on 10/11. The reason foe rhe SPACEFORCE

  • Thatcher Kindle
    Thatcher Kindle

    i wish jared dines could to a song with these dudes they fucking rock

  • Davi Cavalcanti
    Davi Cavalcanti

    anyone else watching this because stocism?

  • maxim winner
    maxim winner

    bring Chris back!

  • Jennyrose Rsangma
    Jennyrose Rsangma

    Is this a gospel???!!!😕😕😕

  • MandresHyp

    This is only drop D? It sound too heavy

  • Grant and Janelle Bridge
    Grant and Janelle Bridge

    Unus Annus

  • Mark Miranda
    Mark Miranda

    wow havent heard in lamb of god in a minute

  • DropBear Studios Masks
    DropBear Studios Masks

    randy needs to not do clean vocals.. his cleans suck.and rick d this sounds nothing like dimebag...

  • Mike W Dennis
    Mike W Dennis

    severely sick

  • ratonē

    Unus Annus, momento mori 😔

  • João Bruno G. da Silveira
    João Bruno G. da Silveira


  • Neva' eh's Natas
    Neva' eh's Natas

    Terrible drumming

  • D. Ruiz
    D. Ruiz

    This song is about a normie being chased by Cradle of Filth.

    • Seasiren Westwood
      Seasiren Westwood


    • Dr Death
      Dr Death

      best comment


      It's Malcolm Reynolds - captain of Firefly chased by Reavers

  • Ivor

    Fuck i Love this track and vid Sooo much!! Can really relate, to working for a boss who I've rebuilt his Company and only grown from there, to now being replaced and quite upfront( no behind doors) being shunted under the rug, and thanks to these lyrics of Wake Up!! Which I have listened to so much during this LockDown. Thanks for keeping the Metal, Metal. Would LOVE to see you guys in SOUTH AFRICA sometime. Metal for the Masses

  • Nexo Pubg
    Nexo Pubg

    I was searchig for the memento mori playing cards and i came across this i didnt want to see.

  • Matthew Judd
    Matthew Judd

    I love how this song has three subjects to do with the human mind

  • Олександр Патутін
    Олександр Патутін

    Куди ж ви на нього юрбою прете!? То ж карантин! Ще й без масок.. 🙄 🤪 😂

  • Le_Cr0c

    The rythm and style from Lamb of God we all love ! Seriously i have a thing for this band that i can't seem to find anywhere else !

  • roman mathez
    roman mathez

    A great great ....... Metal song Powerful and Dark ... like Metal have to be... with monster Riffs ..... and super lyrics ...... like a Hammer 🤘🏻🤘🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻🔥🔥🔥

  • Behron Hamar20
    Behron Hamar20

    When me not wake up at <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="720">12:00</a> o'clock in ramadhan My mom: wake up wake up wake up

  • Paris Hadjicostis
    Paris Hadjicostis

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="257">4:17</a> couldn't hold my neck

  • Mr.H

    A memento mori song from lamb of god eh... ok.

  • Araya - UwU
    Araya - UwU

    One Year, Remember Death, my Friend

  • George A. Joya S.
    George A. Joya S.

    que puteria!!!!!!!!!!! Brutal.

  • Duamn La Villa
    Duamn La Villa

    Gosh, the guy's house is the simpsons' house

  • Steve Anderson
    Steve Anderson

    Randy Blythe never gets old I could listen to him for ages

  • Reezy Mobile
    Reezy Mobile

    I showed this song to my nephew and he didnt like it and then started crying.. because i punched him in the face.

  • William Broske
    William Broske

    Hail Richmond Va forever

  • Jove Lepha
    Jove Lepha

    I growth with lamb of god lol

  • KarAt Feng
    KarAt Feng

    Memento mori Unus Annus

  • EvilCracky

    wow his voice sounds like Warrell Dane a little bit at the begining...........Beautiful Haunting Voice

  • Paul Navarro
    Paul Navarro

    Latinamerican rythm on the drums!! Killing it!!!!!!!!!

  • Бронетёмкин Поносец
    Бронетёмкин Поносец

    Норм.Не та как раньше

  • Mags Blackwood
    Mags Blackwood

    Well I think it's disgusting got something stuck in your throat jip you must wake up??

  • M4T4TO


  • Graham Duncanson
    Graham Duncanson

    Is that Jared dines on the guitar per chance?

    • Nathan McCormack
      Nathan McCormack

      Dan of the Phil no it’s Willie Adler or Mark Morton

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