G-Eazy - Still Be Friends (Audio) ft. Tory Lanez, Tyga
G-Eazy ft. Tory Lanez & Tyga - Still Be Freinds out now!: smarturl.it/StillBeFriends
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  • Teerax ___
    Teerax ___

    Sounds like G-Eazy and Tyga were battling in the song hahahhaa

  • Vanilla Taurus
    Vanilla Taurus

    Tyga making songs more lit

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis Cruz

    Whenever tyga and g-eazy come together they make a very good song

  • DGT

    It’s been 2 weeks, we are well deserved for the official video for this banger!

  • BenGK

    Wait, Thats a condom

  • Giesela Guttierrez
    Giesela Guttierrez

    Damn He said I’m the white Michael Larry 😂🤦‍♀️

  • Viperaddict Carfanatic
    Viperaddict Carfanatic

    How can Torey lanez be on this when he dead. Dude been killed like 7 times by 7 different rappers

  • Willie Johnson
    Willie Johnson

    “King of the Bay” Nah bro E-40 the king of the bay

  • Adil Pathan
    Adil Pathan

    We need a video song

  • Ł

    The best colabo!!

  • twoj stary
    twoj stary

    after Him&I and this I think their break up gave us some beautiful music😳

  • Prinz Donato
    Prinz Donato

    Murda on the beat. Who else thought that?

  • BaneX

    [Intro] Everything Foreign [Chorus: Tory Lanez & G-Eazy] I know you don't do one night stands So I'm the closest thing Now can we fuck and still be friends, though? And if you ever fucked a friend (I'm just sayin') I'd be the closest thing (Haha, I, I'd be the closest thing) So can we fuck and still be friends, though? (You know) [Verse 1: G-Eazy] Bitch, you can't be my girlfriend (Uh) Got a girl, and my girl got a girl too (Too) Scarface crib, it's my world too, uh (It's my world too) My pillow recognize her perfume Tell her man relax, she'll make it home by curfew (Haha) Tom Ford cologne, I look like I'm on (Ayy) Playboy mansion, honey, I'm home (Honey, I'm home) Backdoor to Oracle, fuck it, I'm home (Woo) King of the Bay, getting dome on my throne, uh Diamond in the rough, uncut gems She not my girlfriend though, we just friends (Just friends) Somehow I fit six all in one Benz (One Benz) All of us fuck buddies, all fuck friends Lookin' like a snack, she'll devour me (Ayy) Your boyfriend's whole salary's my hourly (Ha) Throwin' bands in Miami, it's showerin' (Showerin') Bad boy, I'm the white Mike Lowrey (Haha, yee) [Chorus: Tory Lanez & G-Eazy] I know you don't do one night stands So I'm the closest thing (I'm the closest thing, baby) Now can we fuck and still be friends, though? (Can we fuck and still be friends, you know?) And if you ever fucked a friend I'd be the closest thing (Haha) So can we fuck and still be friends, though? (I'm just sayin', yee) [Verse 2: Tyga] Yeah, T-Raww, yeah I could pull any bitch, man, it's automatic (Yeah) Pussy, money, alcohol, I'm a big fanatic (Ha) And my diamonds odee, chains so dramatic (Big) Like I'm Adam Sandler, she call me Big Daddy (Yeah) I'm insane in the brain, what you know 'bout it? (Ayy) I got shawty and her friend waitin' in the lobby (Yes) Loggin' in my account, that's my favorite hobby (Cash) I like a new bitch with a new body (Ah) Bad bitch, I need all that (All that) Here's my number, you can call that (Call that) Tell your nigga he can fall back (Fall back) I wanna make you mine, wanna own that (Own that) Go shawty, it's your birthday (Birthday) Simon says, do what I say, ayy (I say) Drink it up, I know you thirsty (Thirsty) She said, "Baby, make it hard, but don't hurt me," ayy [Chorus: Tory Lanez] I know you don't do one night stands So I'm the closest thing Now can we fuck and still be friends, though? And if you ever fucked a friend I'd be the closest thing So can we fuck and still be friends, though? [Verse 3: Tory Lanez] Lil' mama thirsty, I said thirsty Shawty, they ain't fuckin' with you on your worst day And she cut a nigga off, give him first aid How the hell she fit the gym in a workday? I got wristwatch, I got big Glock I got bunch of pretty bitches tryna lip-lock See the Rollie on my wrist and it don't tick-tock If you nasty when I fuck you, let my bitch watch I said right cheek, I said left cheek Hit it so good, you gon' feel it next week When I kill the pussy, they gon' arrest me I be lookin' at it like, "Don't test me" Sit that ass on a nigga like duh-duh-duh I be all up in the pussy 'til it's nothin' up there In the nighttime, 'til the sun up, yeah No pun intended, shawty, you a come-up, yeah, ayy [Chorus: Tory Lanez] I know you don't do one night stands So I'm the closest thing Now can we fuck and still be friends, though? And if you ever fucked a friend I'd be the closest thing So can we fuck and still be friends, though?

  • Miss Merry
    Miss Merry

    Nobody : Tyga : Birfffday birrrrfday !


    0:30 why dos this Sound like Note Blocks from minecraft?😂👌

  • tarina hadley
    tarina hadley


  • Ainy M
    Ainy M

    I love his voice 🧡👱🏻‍♀️

  • Selena Balroop
    Selena Balroop


  • Eric Jerimia Suiam
    Eric Jerimia Suiam

    I'll just pretend G eazy stopped making songs after 2k16

  • Daniel soto
    Daniel soto


  • Jon Lach
    Jon Lach

    They're definitely going to drop a video to this song soon, how much you wanna bet? Im calling it right now

  • Enrique Sosa
    Enrique Sosa

    Eazy is a -G

  • Christopher Nöß
    Christopher Nöß

    My roomate broke my Door. To better hear it . . . .

  • How to Make music
    How to Make music

    Nice song 🔥

  • Justin Baptiz
    Justin Baptiz

    This is 🔥

  • Ky L
    Ky L

    dope.. best line, I'm the F***** white Mike Lawry.

  • Beanos Boi
    Beanos Boi

    Let’s text this to my crush

  • vishek. brown
    vishek. brown

    This is tyga song man 🔥🔥🔥

  • That Boyu
    That Boyu


  • Burcu Tkn
    Burcu Tkn


  • Mr Cookie
    Mr Cookie

    Well... Shit. This song is not only fire, it's also relatable. Yeah I did some shitty stuff in my past... Fuck...

  • Dani Dobrin
    Dani Dobrin

    Nobody talkning about the fact that the beginning sounds exactly like "I love it" by Lil Pump ??

  • Wacays Khalifa
    Wacays Khalifa

    War heestan waa olol😂


    Me: trying to gather courage to sing this to a female friend. Also me: doesn't have female friends.

    • Hatake Kakashi
      Hatake Kakashi

      don't. literally nobody can sing a song like it is the original. nobody only the person who sang it and wrote it.

  • Brea Tummings
    Brea Tummings

    The track itself was good. But the lyrics not so much.


    I want that condom😌

  • AnimalHub

    Thotiana beat & flow!!!

  • Pankaj Thakur
    Pankaj Thakur

    2:47 best part

  • Asha

    I wish the G-Eazy’s line was the chorus or atleast repeated


    Torys verse sounded like a yg/meek mill morph

  • Francisco Gomez
    Francisco Gomez

    Twas fire. Next song, Add blackbear plssssss

  • Myles Scott
    Myles Scott

    Rittz is better than g eazy

  • Muad Kamkoum
    Muad Kamkoum

    Me to any girl i see after listening to this song....... sooo u wanna be friends?

  • Cole Randolph
    Cole Randolph

    Everybody talking about the condom on this video, but blackbear did it first with bus it

  • cole larsen
    cole larsen

    On repeat 🔥🔥🔥

  • sas r0y
    sas r0y

    Am a like confused with these singers an their videos ...do they know kids follow them an think them as their idol to become like them...#geazy I can't judge you nor I could but imagine school kids be like entertaining sex at the age of teen...are you promoting sex...sex revolution... hey bro just don't live think what you are passing to generation...you in control of monster man go to the church...teach something to the industry...an let them know kids to follow them or have an age limit for your songs... Dont forget the word lowkey..

    • sas r0y
      sas r0y

      Yea..I've to much to say...

    • Eljae Walker
      Eljae Walker

      Be honest, have you sent a paragraph longer than this to someone

  • kadoraks

    Tyga ran this shit

  • Kristinamarie Swanson
    Kristinamarie Swanson

    Dude wait what About the sandler thing just the other Night You know that thing. Much love to the Willow tree.


    Tory straight killed this shit


    G-eazy trying hard to fill the hole inside of him with money, girls and cars. ITS LIKE HALSEY PREDICTED IT.

    • Donald Trumpp
      Donald Trumpp

      Sounds like he’s doing just fine. If he wanted Halsey he could have her. She’s all bitter still making music about her and g eazy doing him like he’s been doing him

  • Aso MGK
    Aso MGK

    I wish g easy the only one in this song

  • Marius Neagoe
    Marius Neagoe

    "Got a girl and my girl got a girl too" 😂😂😂😂

  • Ryan Oberholzer
    Ryan Oberholzer

    Im the white mike lowry 😂😂😂🔥🔥🔥

  • kitty bellamarie
    kitty bellamarie

    MosT Deff...yah😻

  • 1990Ecruz

    Can we?

  • chrisrezz

    so good


    Too nice g_eazy

  • Champagne Papi
    Champagne Papi

    tyga type of beats basically the same


    Megan probably punching the air rn

  • deovonte easter
    deovonte easter

    That’s how I do my bitches.