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  • Ava Max
    Ava Max

    Loved hanging with Songkick in London! Check out the full video here: AvaMax.lnk.to/ImportedAY

    • Nanami_ Ko
      Nanami_ Ko

      -END- of replies

    • Dung Phạm
      Dung Phạm


    • Ella-louise Shelton
      Ella-louise Shelton

      Hi ava max

    • Sunset_Cookiez

      kiz. avakin oof

    • Itz Amy
      Itz Amy

      Did you enjoy doing the video? It looked like you did! You were smiling while dancing!

  • Monika Andor
    Monika Andor



    i lo ved yor song

  • ̨ڜــېْۧــطــٰٱ̍نۨــہ

    ♥️2 0✨ ✨2 0🍂

  • Vicper 29
    Vicper 29


  • Arlet Barcelo
    Arlet Barcelo

    Yes she so pretty

  • Technic Z13
    Technic Z13

    I love Ava max

  • ultrapokemon 001
    ultrapokemon 001

    Tanya, Thank you very much. You're my best friend☺️. Sky from Katsuya.

  • Kaidyn Halsey Garib
    Kaidyn Halsey Garib

    My sis is busy annoying me so I put this song louder but now she is busy listening through meh headphones

  • Yael Roge
    Yael Roge

    you are really beautiful

  • bradley Cox
    bradley Cox


  • Vio The Art Nerd
    Vio The Art Nerd

    Dang, it’s already a year?.... time flies while you enjoy good content like this!

  • Restu Septian ramdani Restu
    Restu Septian ramdani Restu

    Kunaon hayang siomay

  • Nada Komelj
    Nada Komelj

    Excellent 👍👌👋🙏

  • Hanna Demeter
    Hanna Demeter

    Do you ever feel like a misfit? *sees her perfect body*..... yes?

  • Helen reigns
    Helen reigns

    Your amisfit to haters but hotter to others

  • Georgia Roxburgh
    Georgia Roxburgh

    roses are red violets are blue shes so pretty and talented!

  • Seang Rachana
    Seang Rachana

    2020 anyone???

  • paul L'Orange
    paul L'Orange

    Das ist so cool

  • Joga

    So am i > Sweet but psycho

  • Alex Trim
    Alex Trim

    In shhool or what??😂

  • Lena Wimmer
    Lena Wimmer

    sie ist so hübsch love she!!!!

  • Harish Kumar
    Harish Kumar

    Them expressions ♥️👌

  • Hira Niazi
    Hira Niazi

    You else is listening to this in quareentine and looking at the comments

  • robert rams collectibles and More
    robert rams collectibles and More

    There no one like her

  • robert rams collectibles and More
    robert rams collectibles and More

    She's so inspiring

  • robert rams collectibles and More
    robert rams collectibles and More

    So inspirational

  • Mohd Farit Bin Rajuli
    Mohd Farit Bin Rajuli

    Ahaks! I am just smile when i am lisening ava max say "cheap perfume"

  • Ava Bordelon
    Ava Bordelon

    I love Ava max: how thinks that she is so cool by the way my name is Ava to

  • A V E N T A D O R
    A V E N T A D O R

    Her figure didn't attracted me it was her beautiful Face. God made it with time and love ❤️ #Love you as Fan

  • Nur Syuhadah Sollehah Abdul Hakem Bin Mohd Taha
    Nur Syuhadah Sollehah Abdul Hakem Bin Mohd Taha

    Very love this song

  • Casey Mason
    Casey Mason

    Why’s this sound exactly like another song I’ve heard

  • gio hhvh
    gio hhvh

    is this young lady gaga 😂

  • Zefrii Zefri
    Zefrii Zefri

    So mamay so mamay hahahah

  • charmanderuno

    She does the best songs 😊😊🎶🎶

  • The Dachowicz Adventures
    The Dachowicz Adventures

    Omg wow toooooo good 💕💞💓💗💖

  • Genesis hernandez Cruz
    Genesis hernandez Cruz


  • Kiara Sirana
    Kiara Sirana

    I love this song its lit!😀🔥

  • Rafael Albuquerque. costa
    Rafael Albuquerque. costa

    Love. Ava. Max

  • Romina Paz Morano Fernandez
    Romina Paz Morano Fernandez

    Like si la escuchas en eata cuarentena 💋💋💋

  • Romina Paz Morano Fernandez
    Romina Paz Morano Fernandez

    Aaaahhh hermisa preciosaaaaa me encanta ella y sus canciones jejejje soy tu faaaan jjejej 😍😍😍😍🥰😍🤩🤣😝😍😍😍😂😂

  • Henry E.F.
    Henry E.F.

    Little flex at the beginning

  • Luann Barron
    Luann Barron

    your songs are so awsome

  • Patricia Núñez quintana
    Patricia Núñez quintana

    me gusta mucho por que siempre la oigo

  • number pie
    number pie

    i like this song, but truly enjoyed the music video. Ava looks like she really enjoyed doing the dances very fun and happy video.

  • I’m Renee
    I’m Renee

    “Cause baby so am I” Best lone ever!!

  • Igor Simov
    Igor Simov

    Классная песня я под нее танцевала

  • Ella Darko
    Ella Darko


  • Mugdha Madbor
    Mugdha Madbor

    fuck you

  • Sophie T
    Sophie T

    this sounds like that Disney song something to dance for

  • Mahnoor Jatoi
    Mahnoor Jatoi

    Omg it’s so good

  • Mr. Baba
    Mr. Baba

    She’s from Albania ladies and gentlemans 😎👍

  • David Bhojwani
    David Bhojwani

    If there is an life adaptation of Castle Vania adaptation from netflix series she fits playing as Carmila the styria vampire

  • Fyre_David

    Solte ab 18 gestellt werden

  • Minh Nghĩa Trần
    Minh Nghĩa Trần

    I love your voice Ava

  • Dunja Isakov
    Dunja Isakov

    You are my favorit girl, you are my queen 🥺

  • iiOmqAestheticBear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    iiOmqAestheticBear ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    hairstylist: long or short ava: no ava: does own hair hairstylist: what is that hair! ava: it’s my way hairstylist: I QUIT

  • Zoltán Ónody
    Zoltán Ónody

    any ideas with converting gameport to usb? i have a soundcard with game/midi port but finding drivers for it is close to impossible without getting viruses... and its broken. windows 10 os btw

  • amelia kowro
    amelia kowro

    Where are you at school and where

  • Antonija Memedovic
    Antonija Memedovic


  • Ayesha Ishaq
    Ayesha Ishaq

    When you're haircut costs $10 but you only have 5 No offense tho, I love Ava

  • catherine Mairs
    catherine Mairs

    I love your song so much i love your vidz so much ❤💛💚💙💜💖

  • met ahmad
    met ahmad

    I like you

  • Stormy4life

    GET A TAN LADY! Lol, Absolutly NO hate, but where I live EVERYONE is tan!!

  • Writergirl09 Meh
    Writergirl09 Meh

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="113">1:53</a> She looks as crazy as me

  • Writergirl09 Meh
    Writergirl09 Meh

    Avas voice can be so gentle at times and so fierce at other times 😊😊

    • Rafał pierdolony kogds
      Rafał pierdolony kogds

      Aca. Alone, 😁😁😁😁😊

  • Harris Ibrahim
    Harris Ibrahim

    Hi Random Stranger Scrolling Down Down To The Comments! Just Wanted To Say, Be Yourself, Your Beautiful How You Are. Don’t Ever Change That. Complete Your Goal And Dream, And Have A Wonderful Day!

  • Patrick Poch
    Patrick Poch

    such a horny meldie

    • Patrick Poch
      Patrick Poch


  • Baby Yona
    Baby Yona

    Ava max so beautiful😍

  • Agent Cookie
    Agent Cookie

    I think there should be event for Ava Max in Fortnite. I mean.. you have cool skin and emote so why not

  • MiilagrosD Medina Mendoza
    MiilagrosD Medina Mendoza

    I like this song, its combination of rhythm and song is the best.

  • Katrina Hayes
    Katrina Hayes

    The more I watch Ava, the more I like her hair

  • emma skepi
    emma skepi

    :D i had nothing to do so i did :D this :)



  • Rada Saiyatha
    Rada Saiyatha

    This made my day

  • Duda Hora Games
    Duda Hora Games

    I am from Brazil! I am 9 years old... and I and my family love your musics. Thank you

  • Christoph Laeseke
    Christoph Laeseke

    Schöne harre

  • Ethan Waterhouse
    Ethan Waterhouse

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="44">0:44</a> I fell in love

  • Panda master
    Panda master

    I kip waching this over and over agan

  • Time Traveler
    Time Traveler

    Could've done without the headphone commercial.

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