12 Best Spy Hacks You Should Know
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Want to follow your boyfriend? Then our 12 life hacks for spies is exactly what you need!
Supplies and tools:
• TV remote control
• Phone
• Photograph
• Airpods
• Notebooks
• Pens
• Hands gel
• Book
• Powder
• Brushes
• Cup
• Mug
• Balloon
• Scissors
• Key
• Scotch tape
• Marker
• Soda can
• Box cutter
• Manicure scissors
• Dough
• Gelatin
• Mug
• Burger
• Tampon
• USB-drive
• Hot gun
• Laptop
• Shadows
• Dark clothes
• Paints
• Palette
• Drawing brushes
• Soft toys
• Hidden camera
• Thread and needle
• Framed portrait
• Fake moustache
• Makeup
• Hat
• Man’s costume
• Man’s coat
• Black sunglasses
• Fake beard
• Lamp
• Scotch tape
• Badge
• Balloons
• Gift box
• Ring
• Writing board
• Pictures from social media
• Marker.
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  • isabella landa
    isabella landa

    Why would anyone need to use these "hacks"?

  • Alexis Pearson
    Alexis Pearson

    why GIRL -*-

  • Curtis Edwards
    Curtis Edwards

    Yes 👍

  • Kiera Beaudoin
    Kiera Beaudoin

    The thumbnail is great but If it was your remote it would be great like a track my remote app or something?.?

  • Eric Zaremba
    Eric Zaremba

    Break up with her

  • Eric Zaremba
    Eric Zaremba

    Lamp in the face and taped up abuse

  • Eric Zaremba
    Eric Zaremba

    Stareo typeing men we see you troom troom

  • Eric Zaremba
    Eric Zaremba

    Men are not all idiots like you troom troom

  • Eric Zaremba
    Eric Zaremba

    A bit crazy don't you think

  • Tina Cook
    Tina Cook

    I hope that you have a good time today and tomorrow bye thank you for making this Video today

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    Spencer James

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    Spencer James

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    DaPandaGirl 4976

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    Dylan Philpott

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    Niyi Omotolq

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    Niyi Omotolq

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    Kate Lucier

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    Jazmin Baez


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  • Cookiez_ R_u_l_e
    Cookiez_ R_u_l_e

    When you disguise yourself as a wall HOW ARE YOU CAMOUFLAGED

  • Nardaly Marte
    Nardaly Marte

    She said get me some water im so thirty but he got her coffee/tea maybe bc they blowed into it idk if im wrong tell me😂😂😂😂

  • Samantha Godinez
    Samantha Godinez

    If anybody's willing look up hello kitty's true story in Google I'll be surprised with the results not joking

  • Regina Pena
    Regina Pena

    Like if troom troom is the worst and is stupid

  • Night Gotcha
    Night Gotcha

    Her:put the air pods in his hood Me:...but what if he puts his hood on? Also her:...idk stop ruining hacks Me:ok T^T

  • Dorothy Heracleous
    Dorothy Heracleous

    2020 Anyone?

  • Amber Jones
    Amber Jones

    Troom troom: use tampon Me:I’m a boy

  • Nyomi Walker
    Nyomi Walker


  • Nobuhle Ntshingila
    Nobuhle Ntshingila


  • Chloe Cassar
    Chloe Cassar

    i hat you .

  • izzy's channel
    izzy's channel

    These are so stupid

  • Steve Nave
    Steve Nave

    Who needs a private detective to see if your bf is cheating

  • Phoebe Fay
    Phoebe Fay

    Oh Sara all that work for nothing🤪

  • Dante Parris
    Dante Parris

    guys we gotta becareful

  • Elíseo Gonzalez
    Elíseo Gonzalez


  • Derek Lo
    Derek Lo

    i dont think i could get away with brick wall one

  • Krishna Neupane
    Krishna Neupane

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  • Kat crazy 223
    Kat crazy 223

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  • Sotiriana Hirakis
    Sotiriana Hirakis

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  • hansa hansa
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  • Sara Peytcheva
    Sara Peytcheva

    мy name is Sara

  • Sara Peytcheva
    Sara Peytcheva

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="201">3:21</a> OMG I HAVE THE SAME KEY?! HOW?!

  • Jessica Sandrey
    Jessica Sandrey

    I have a boyfriend

  • Sophia Bakker
    Sophia Bakker

    The AirPods thing is actually an invasion of privacy

  • Em_ Insanely_weebish
    Em_ Insanely_weebish

    Don't worry your just gonna have trust issues

  • Awanshika Reddy
    Awanshika Reddy

    "ITS JUST A WALL" anyone can notice that is a human even a monkey can


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  • Azize Andre
    Azize Andre

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    paige nash

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  • S u p e r b e r r y G a c h a
    S u p e r b e r r y G a c h a

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="257">4:17</a>-<a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="258">4:18</a>... Look at the girl in black though....her face...... ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

  • Oniel James
    Oniel James

    This is basically a tutorial on how to be toxic.

  • SqÜidINK_xX :3
    SqÜidINK_xX :3

    <a href="#" class="seekto" data-time="707">11:47</a> anybody else notice her poking him ‘cough’’

  • SqÜidINK_xX :3
    SqÜidINK_xX :3

    Me Causally walking around : Some lady with a half man face : hello there Me : *NANI*

  • Violet Payne
    Violet Payne

    Why would you get a agent to watch him-

  • Mad girl Vlogs
    Mad girl Vlogs

    Wait, are these just for fun or real hacks? Just asking, no hate, your videos are actually pretty amusing and fun to watch

  • Sophia Modinger
    Sophia Modinger

    I could see the phone off bu your ideas are awesome!🙂

  • Cookie kitty
    Cookie kitty


  • Tiana Hayles
    Tiana Hayles


  • Tiana Hayles
    Tiana Hayles

    Can I have a iPhone

  • Tiana Hayles
    Tiana Hayles


  • Felicia J
    Felicia J

    I like this vid imma fan

  • Kaylee Arruda
    Kaylee Arruda

    I wonder were is she well she’s a FAKE BRICK WALL

  • Kaylee Arruda
    Kaylee Arruda


  • Cynthia Armstrong
    Cynthia Armstrong

    I am going to do that on my boyfriend l

  • Dolores Garcia
    Dolores Garcia

    No 😂😆😉😄 🛀🛌💇‍♀️🚶‍♀️

  • Joanne Collins
    Joanne Collins


  • Ashley Liu
    Ashley Liu

    I think the private investigator 🕵️‍♀️ looks so 😎

  • Ava Kreese
    Ava Kreese

    Cuz we all definitely wanna waste a perfectly good AirPod to stalk our boyfriend

  • Ava Kreese
    Ava Kreese

    Ok this is just stalking

  • Keepinupwith Brie
    Keepinupwith Brie

    So we’re no gonna realize how he blowed water.

  • Resse Pooh
    Resse Pooh

    Very good life hacks

  • Stuart Forbes
    Stuart Forbes

    Big brother

  • Zoe Wang
    Zoe Wang

    If someone is scaring you

  • Zoe Wang
    Zoe Wang


  • Layrah Kontorovsky
    Layrah Kontorovsky


  • Layrah Kontorovsky
    Layrah Kontorovsky

    Wait if ur boyfriend loves bugs h can get a spying bug!!

  • Ines Lopez
    Ines Lopez

    You guy just always edit the video it is not real guys do not believe them